The 3 Duck’s Trading Strategy: The Simplest Moving Average System

As a trader, we are always looking for simple trading strategies that have proved to be both simple and effective. In this video, you will learn about the 3 Duck’s Trading Strategy, a very simple Moving Average Strategy you can use to trade currencies.

The video provides you with 5 Key Lessons and Tips to trade it profitably.

This Strategy was created by Captain Currency, and you can find out more about him on Twitter: @CaptainCurrency

This strategy is a no-nonsense trading system to trade currencies (Forex) using three timeframes and a 60 Period Simple moving average.

All you need is to follow three ultra-simple steps called the Three Ducks. The strategy take sits name from the expression “Having all your Ducks Lined up”.

If you want to trade this strategy, you can set it up for free on Tradingview, the charting platform I use, just follow this link and insert your indicators. If you’re wondering how to use Tradingview, I have a Complete Tradingview Beginner’s Guide.

3 Ducks Video summary:

00:18 Principles of the Three Duck’s Strategy

00:38 The 3 Ducks explained

00:54 The system, the indicators

01:27 Trading Rules

03:04 5 Key Lessons and Tips

Enjoy the video

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