My name is John Treadle. I am a swing trader and investor with a day job. I trade Stocks, Cryptos, and have traded Forex and CFDs in the past.

I created this website in May 2015 to start helping aspiring traders and investors in their journey towards becoming profitable traders and investors. My goal is to provide the best and latest tools available.

I’ve searched for holy grails, burned a few accounts, and all of that was part of the learning process and I had no problem with it. Today I have found a few systems that work, you can read about these strategies on this website. I also trade Bitcoin and many altcoins, see my long term Bitcoin strategy here.

Hopefully you can find a few useful tips and make some gains along the way.

I have nothing to sell and my only goal is to share, the ads or affiliate links you can see on the site pay for the hosting and Theme support fees.

I also include a number of free pdf guides that you are entirely welcome to download totally free, I will not ask you for your email as I don’t do list building and send annoying spam. If you want to thank me, there’s a link of the home page to “buy me a beer”.

All the best in your trading journey, drop me a comment if there’s anything you’d like to read about, and most of all, trade safe !