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To become a serious trader, you need discipline, and the best resources. And more often than not, you’ll be searching all over the place.

What are the best strategies? Where can I learn trading? What laptop should I choose ? Where can I find a backtesting tool ?

Well it’s all here. Here’s the fruit of hundreds of hours of research and practice.

The Complete Guide to the Best Trading Tools.

Let’s get started.

How to start trading step-by-step?

You need to take it one step at a time: learn the basics first, then set your goals, choose a trading style, pick a broker and demo trade. You’re all set.

What are the Best Trading Laptops?

You need a light machine, with a bright wide screen, good connectivity and that starts up fast. You could even pick a premium tablet.

  1. Acer Aspire E15 – the most affordable option
  2. Apple 13” MacBook Air– a fabulous trading machine 
  3. Asus VivoBook – the best value for money
  4. Dell XPS 13  the most portable option
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – the best tablet option

And here’s an article on the ideal Day Trading or Gaming Setup if you’re looking for screens, desks, ergonomic chairs, keyboards or a mouse.

What are Some Good Backtesting Tools for your Trading Strategies?

Backtesting tools come in two categories: online portals such as Tradingview or computer software that runs offline. Some brokers also offer great backtesting tools, like Tradestation.

What’s a Good Broker, and how do you find it?

A good broker will keep your funds safe, provide great execution, competitive rates, a powerful charting platform and great training material.

  • eToro : good for starters, social trading, cryptos. Very easy to use
  • Interactive Brokers : a power machine. Rock-bottom transaction fees. THE best broker
  • FXCM : for Forex adepts, with great rates and a powerful platform
  • IG : great platform, world leader in CFDs
  • TD Ameritrade : great for beginners, with the award winning Thinkorswim platform

What are the Best Free Stock Charting Sites?

To follow your portfolios and trades, lots of free tools are available. Choosing will depend on the markets you follow and the range of tools you require. Screeners, backtesters,…

How do you Trade the News?

You need a real time news delivery service. In trading they are called Sqawks, online audio feeds that are widely used in banks and hedge funds.

Or you can go with more traditional news sites :

Where can you find the Best Dividend Stocks or learn Dividend Investing?

A few sites are dedicated to dividend investing. They teach you how to pick stocks with the best dividend quality (yield, regularity, resilience, fundamentals,..)

What are Robo-Advisors and why they’re a great way to start Trading?

Robo-advisors are essentially online portfolio managers. They’re great if you’re comfortable with a hands off approach to trading and investing, all from your mobile.

  • Betterment: no minimum deposit, excellent mobile app
  • Wealthfront: a full range of services for hands-off investors
  • Personal Capital: leading financial tools for high net worth individuals
  • Ellevest: goal-based investing, targeted at women

Some Powerful Free Trading Platforms help you Chart Offline

If you want to practice during the week-end or setup your charts, some offline platforms are great tools with limitless functionalities.

  • Metatrader 4 (MT4) : a fantastic free of charge forex trading platform
  • Prorealtime : probably one of the most impressive platforms, integrates with leading brokers

Get educated with the best trading books

Reading books is by far one of the cheapest and most efficient way to learn and grow as a trader.

How can you Track your Stock Portfolio’s Performance?

You need a platform that tracks and calculates your performance, giving you valuable insights on your risk levels, trade history,…

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