Find Trending Cryptos with TradingView

With thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from, how do you pick the ones that can be game changing? Finding trending cryptos on TradingView is actually quite easy and will only take you a few minutes with this tutorial.

The video provides you with a simple 2 minute click by click tutorial on a reliable way to find trending cryptos that are about to explode, using TradingView’s Crypto Screener.

You will need to go to Tradingview to perform this search, arguably the best free charting platform you can find.

Basically, we will be looking for 3 criteria to find our Trending Cryptos:

  1. We need reasonably well established cryptos with a Market Cap above $1m (you can reduce that value to $500K if you need a larger sample)
  2. We will look for Cryptos that are breaking out, meaning they are at an New 52-week high in terms of price action
  3. Finally, we need cryptos that are moving on high volume, so we’ll look for at least 1.5x normal volume levels

In order to find these trending cryptos you can follow 5 easy steps explained below (more detail in the video).

Here are 5 simple steps to Find Trending Cryptos on TradingView

  1. Go to Tradingview’s screener

    Once you’re there, click on the Crypto Screener

  2. Select the Descriptive filter

    Move the “Market Cap” cursor to >1M and the “Relative Volume” to >1.5

  3. Select the Technical Filter

    Click the “New 52-week high” box

  4. Sort the selection to find exploding coins

    Click twice on the %CHG box

  5. Now check the graphs for the leading coins

    For each of the top coins, click on the symbol and check the chart

The complete explanation is in the video, with screen captures and detailed click by click.

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Never forget the risk associated with trading cryptos. They are highly volatile instruments. Only trade money you can afford to loose.

Enjoy you trading Day.

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