Where to learn Forex trading ?

This website is not intended to teach you the basics of trading forex.

Many high quality sources are freely available online for that purpose.

To keep things simple, I recommend starting with the excellent course provided by babypips.com, called the School of Pipsology.

The courses are great, they even made it fun to read !

There are so many sources, websites, you’ll have a total information overload, I recommend concentrating on a few of them.

Once you’ve learnt the basics then by all means put down your books, open a very small account (with money you’re absolutely ok to loose) and get some screen time, nothing will beat that.

Below are the websites that made most sense to me and still do from time to time.

  • If fundamental analysis is your thing, Jarratt Davis’s trading Academy is for you. Check his weekly analysis.
  • If you want to learn Ichimoku, fractals, Chaos Trader 63 has excellent videos and a website called FX at one glance. He and talks regularly about his live trades. Also inspired by Bill Williams.
  • The Forex Guy. He’s Australian, loves price action, and gives a great weekly outlook on a few currency pairs. I like it.
  • For pure supply and demand trading with no indicators, Sam Seiden’s courses are great, check out the video below on Youtube to get an idea of Sam’s vision on how markets work.

Safe trading to all

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