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Here are the people that have found tremendous success and where you can learn from them. Traders, investors, hedge fund managers, life coaches, affiliate marketers, youtubers, podcasters, web gurus, they’re all there. Learn from the best.

The Best Traders

Dan Zanger (bio, net worth, book,, @DanZanger, interview, review), George Soros (bio, net worth II, book, foundation, house, wife, quotes), Bill Lipschutz (bio, net worth, book II, trading lessons, quotes), Paul Tudor Jones (bio, net worth, book, book 2, quotes), Bruce Kovner (bio, bio II, net worth, book, house, quotes), Stanley Druckenmiller (bio, net worth, book II, quotes), Joe Lewis (bio, net worth), Michael Marcus (bio, bio II, net worth, book, the predictors, quotes), Richard Dennis (bio, net worth, turtles experiment, turtle trading, II, III, quotes, top 10 tips), Gary Bielfeldt (bio, net worth, book), Ed Seykota (bio, net worth, book II, trading rules, quotes), Larry Hite (bio, net worth, book, quotes), Michael Steinhardt (bio, net worth, book II), William O’Neil (bio, net worth, bestseller book II, Investors Business Daily, quotes), David Ryan (bio, net worth, book, quotes), Marty Schwartz (bio, net worth, book, quotes), Mark Weinstein (bio, bio II, book), Brian Gelber (bio, lessons, book, Gelber Group), Tom Baldwin (bio, bio II, book), Anthony Saliba (bio, book, options spread strategies), Dr. Van K. Tharp (bio, Van Tharp Institute, book II III, @vantharp), Randy McKay (bio & net worth, book), William Eckhardt (bio, eckhardt trading II, turtle trading, the bet, were the turtles lucky ?, book II, quotes), Al Weiss (bio, book), Richard Driehaus (bio, Driehaus Capital Management, strategy, book, quotes), Gil Blake (bio, book, quote, consistency), Victor Sperandeo (bio, net worth, technique, book II), Joe Ritchie (bio, CRT Chicago Research and Trading II, book), Mark Ritchie (bio, book, God in the Pits, My trading bible), Blair Hull (bio, Hull Tactical, book), Jeff Yass (bio, SIG, book, quotes), Linda Bradford Raschke (bio, website, Street Smarts, Turtle Soup II, book, quotes), Charles Faulkner (bio, book, books, quotes), Jesse Livermore (bio, book, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, quotes, Legends of Trading), Jim Rogers (bio, blog, @JimRogerBlogs, net worth, Lessons for Life and Investing, quotes).

Legendary Value Investors

Warren Buffett (bio, net worth, Berkshire Hathaway, Investing Strategy, The Intelligent Investor, quotes, favorite books, letters to shareholders, lessons & rules for success, portfolio, twitter account), Charlie Munger (bio, net worth, quotes, Poor Charlie’s Almanach, advice on investing, The Psychology of Human Misjudgement), Benjamin Graham (bio, The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, quotes, 8 brilliant lessons), Joel Greenblatt (bio, Gotham Capital, The Little Book that Beats the Market, Magic Formula Investing)

Hedge Fund Managers

Jim Simons (bio, Renaissance, Medallion Fund, The Man who solved the Market), Ray Dalio (bio, net worth, Bridgewater, Principles, All weather portfolio, @raydalio, quotes), Larry Benedict (net worth, Opportunistic Trader, interview, @opptrader1, book), Scott Ramsey (futures trader, trading secrets, book), Jaffray Woodriff (bio, net worth, book), Edward Thorp (bio, book, A man for all markets, Beat the Dealer), Jamie Mai (Cornwall Capital, The Big Short, success story, book), Michael Platt (BlueCrest Capital Management, net worth, Man who said no to Soros, book), Steve Clark (Omni Partners, book), Martin Taylor (bio, Bloomberg article, net worth, book), Tom Claugus (bio, net worth, book), Joe Vidich (bio, book), Jimmy Balodimas (quote from Jack Schwager, book), John Paulson (bio, net worth, book, quotes), Tom Basso (bio, interview with Michael Covel, trend following trader, @basso_tom, book), Colm O’Shea (Comac Capital, net worth, Hedge Fund Wizards)

Great Forex Traders

Jarratt Davis (Forex Source : learn to trade the news, Trading Heroes, How to Trade a Currency Fund, blog), ChaosTrader 63 (YouTube channel, FX At One Glance, Twitter, Ichimoku), Kim Krompass (Price Action Traders Institute, Twitter, YouTube), Andrew Krieger (bio, Trading Genius, lengendary trade against Kiwi), Karen Peloille (Blog, Trading with Ichimoku, twitter).

Real Estate Coaches

Robert Kiyosaki (bio, Rich Dad, Books, Twitter), Mike Ferry (Coaching, Twitter, Developing a 6 figure income, YouTube), Brian Buffini (Coaching, Twitter, youtube), Tim and Julie Harris (Coaching, podcast, twitter, youtube, Harris rules), Kevin Ward (Yes Masters, youtube), Craig Proctor (Coaching, book, YouTube), Travis Robertson (Coaching, youtube, Twitter), Bernice Ross (Real Estate Coach, youtube).

Web Gurus / Life Coaches

Tony Robbins (website, youtube, books, twitter, net worth, quotes), Tai Lopez (website, youtube, twitter, net worth, quotes), Tim Ferriss (blog & podcast, youtube, bio, the four-hour work week, books, twitter, quotes), Grant Cardone (website, the 10X rule, youtube, books, bio, interview, quotes), Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee (website, youtube, Crush-It, bio, quotes, books), Mister Money Mustache (Peter Adeney) (earnings $$$, website sale, the frugal guru, blog, youtube, quotes, bio)

Greatest Youtubers

PewDiePie (youtube, book, twitter, earnings $$$, bio), Shane Dawson (youtube, earnings $$$, book, twitter, bio), Smosh (Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox) (youtube, calendar, twitter, earnings $$$, bio), Like Nastya Vlog (Anastasia Radzinskaya) (youtube, earnings $$$, bio, notebook), HolaSoyGerman (Germán Garmendia) (youtube, book, earnings $$$, bio), Logan Paul (youtube, website, twitter, stats, earnings $$$, bio), Jacsepticeye (Seán William McLoughlin) (youtube, twitter, earnings $$$, bio), VanossGaming (Evan Fong) (youtube, stats, twitter, earnings $$$, bio), Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach) (youtube, book, stats, twitter, earnings $$$, bio), Jeffree Star (Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr) (youtube, twitter, earnings $$$, bio), DanTDM (youtube, stats, twitter, earnings $$$, book, bio), Jake Paul (youtube, book, twitter, earnings $$$, bio), Ryan’s World (youtube, book, earnings $$$, bio).

Affiliate Marketers

Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income Blog, stats, twitter, success story, earnings $$$, book), John Chow (website, income $$$, book), Jeremy Schoemaker (shoemoney, bio, youtube, how he did it $$$), Neil Patel (website, youtube, twitter, how he did it $$$, quicksprout, book), Darren Rowse (website problogger, Digital Photography School, youtube, twitter, bio, how he did it $$$, book), Finch Sells (website, facebook, twitter, how he did it $$$), Missy Ward (website, itsawhamthing, affiliate summit, facebook, twitter, how she did it $$$), Rafael Zelik (affiliaxe), Lorenzo of Mr Green (Mr Green, twitter, how he did it $$$), Antoine Walker (how he made $10 million, dotafiliate), Rae Hoffman (sugarrae, twitter, how she did it $$$), Mark Ling (website affiliorama, youtube interview, twitter, how he did it $$$), Ian Fernando (website, youtube, twitter, how he did it $$$), Zac Johnson (website, twitter, how he did it $$$, book), Matthew Woodward (website, youtube, twitter, how he did it), Dom Wells (onfolio, human proof designs, youtube interview, how he did it $$$).

Successful Podcasters

Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income Blog, stats, twitter, success story, earnings $$$, book), Joe Rogan (youtube, bio, twitter), John Lee Dumas (, twitter, the 100-day goal journal), Jordan Harbinger (podcast, youtube, bio, how he did it), Tim Ferriss (blog & podcast, youtube, bio, the four-hour work week, books, twitter, quotes), Lewis Howes (podcast, youtube, twitter, bio and earnings $$$ how he did it), Dave Ramsey (podcast, bio, youtube, how he did it $$$, twitter, the total money makeover, books), The 24 podcasts to make you smarter (bbc article).

Social media stars (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook)

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (Making Sense of Cents, interview, pinterest), Catherine Manning (The Content Bug, pinterest, youtube, workshop), Kat Sullivan (Marketing Solved, youtube, pinterest), Brendan Kane (one million followers, how he did it, book).

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