Yieldnodes Returns an Amazing 1.2% amid the Market Meltdown. A look at Sapphire and Decenomy

It’s been a tough week…. as we witnessed one of the largest wealth destructions in such a short period of time.

The markets melted, Bitcoin fell 44% from its March high and 58% from its all time high.

The S&P tanked and so did the Nasdaq, inflation fears and rate hikes put the market in severe bear territory. 

China lockdowns are disrupting supply chains. Food and energy price increases are fuelled by the Ukraine war. This is putting severe stress on households’ disposable income, and therefore investable funds are less.

Add to that the UST / LUNA de-pegging and subsequent crumble, heavy selling pressure came to the crypto markets, and most alt and DeFi coins were severely hit.

Some even say the Worst of the Market Crash could be ahead of us

But amid all of that, the Yieldnodes team pulled it off once again.

Yieldnodes returned 1.2% in the week of the meltdown

Yielnodes returned a very decent 1.2% in week 2 of May (8 to 14th), after 1.3% in Week 1. That’s already 2.5% return so far for the month, by far the best return I got in my portfolio.

The usual Yieldnodes return is closer to 8 to 10% per month, which is 2 to 2.3% per week, but given the scale of the selloffs I consider this a very decent performance.

How did they do that? How can they manage such a return while everything is going down the drain? Is this real?

I wrote an article on How Safe and Sustainable is Yieldnodes, explaining why I believe in this project, but understanding its monthly performance requires a bit more of an in-depth review.

To try and dig a bit deeper, I looked at two of Yieldnodes most significant projects: Sapphire and the wider Decenomy ecosystem.

Let’s jump in.

Sapphire, a masternodeable cryptocurrency taken over by the Yielnodes team

The Yieldnodes team does not disclose their individual asset’s performance, but they took over the Sapphire a number of months ago, and a good part of Yield Nodes’ performance is linked to Sapphire.

Sapphire Logo

Here’s how the team describes Sapphire.

“A coin from doers for doers.

Sapphire coins (SAPP coins) will be used in the real economy as a stable means of payment and will be issued only to trustworthy partners who bring added value to the project.

The goal is to have a coin that is easy to use, ensures fast payment transfers, is used and wanted, and most importantly, lives and breathes with its community.

The SAPP developers reverse the usual procedure of cryptocurrency…. Profits are only realized through speculation and not through value creation. This must fail in the long run.

The current developers of the SAPP Coin come from the real economy and adapt the coin exactly for this.

Stability, money supply control and real value creation are the essential parameters. Interfaces are created so that the coin can be used for real purchase processes while complying with all laws”.

As owners of Sapphire, the Yieldnodes team runs its main masternodes, and here are the characteristics, taken from masternode.online.

Sapphire stats

Now take a look at the price graph of Sapphire. The coin seems to be doing more than ok, especially when compared to the overall market.

Source: coinmarketcap

There’s also quite an active community around the coin, check the Sapphire Discord.

There are 2,467 nodes for Sapphire, and here’s a map of their geographic layout; they’re mostly in Germany and the US.

Source: masternodes.online

So to recap, the Sapphire project shows some interesting specs:

  • Excellent masternoding return (54%)
  • Solid SAPP coin price action with a $717m market cap
  • A competent dev team
  • A dynamic community, you can follow their Twitter of @Sapphire_core
  • 2,467 nodes, mostly in the US and Germany

The project needs to be followed closely but seems to be doing great so far. Sapphire seems to be the most stable and robust revenue generating income for Yieldnodes.

The DECENOMY ecosystem and coins

Decenomy stands for DECentralized ecoNOMY. 

It is an ecosystem of around 20 coins and projects, mainly managed by the Yieldnodes team..

Here’s a sample of the projects Decenomy includes.

Source: Medium

If you want to get more precise info on these mostly masterodeable coins, you can check ihostmn.

Another source is masternodes.online.

Sapphire seems to be the most important coin in the list.

The Yieldnodes team has also said they would shortly announce a partnership for Decenomy, with a Government ! There’s some speculation around what that could be, stay posted.

Finally, a knowledge base of all articles and content published on Yieldnodes and Decenomy has been setup by the team. If you want to get into masternoding, it will teach you:

  • How to masternode yourself
  • Setting up servers
  • Staking the Decenomy coins

Reminder: the raffle for auditors is coming up

As they regularly do, yieldnodes are inviting auditors to review their operations. 

Candidates should submit their applications. 10 will be chosen:

  • 5 will be selected because they are large holders, or need some insight to help the Decenomy ecosystem
  • 5 will be drafted.

The selected candidates will be invited to Malta between July 13th and 16th.

I’ll be particularly attentive to the auditor’s review of Sapphire masternoding profits.

Anyway, these audits are a great show of transparency from the team. They open up on their operations, accounts, treasury, projects, and that’s to be noted.


Yieldnodes teams never cease to impress. 

Their model seems to be infinitely more robust than many of the Node projects that mushroomed all along 2021 and are crumbling right now because of coin values going down the drain.

The Yieldnodes project keeps providing unmatched returns, the first two weeks in May are a demonstration.

I’ll definitely keep holding and compounding on this great project.

Note : above is my Yieldnodes affiliate link (https://yieldnodes.com/?a=OKe9wjw76WjnLMr), if you want to try the service you can click on the click with absolutely no impact to you. I will just receive a small commission and be ever grateful for that 🙏.

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