The 12 Best Node Investors to Follow

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You’re interested in node projects and want to follow the best out there. Here’s a review of the 12 best node investors to follow.

The best spaces to find serious and large Node investors are Twitter and Youtube.

Most of these investors are making crazy daily passive income with nodes.

Following them helps you understand :

  • how they did it, what was their strategy
  • what nodes they invested in
  • how much they make on a daily/monthly basis
  • what new projects they recommend (« get in early tips »)

Let’s get it.

Here are the 12 best node investors to follow if you want to learn how to make heavy passive income

  1. Your Friend Andy
  2. PreExponential
  3. James Pelton
  4. The Breadmaker
  5. Kris McCauley
  6. Node Baron
  7. FireHustle
  8. BaconEsq
  9. Dan Passive Income
  10. TheCapitalist Investor
  11. Dazai
  12. Jesse Eckel

For each of these investors, I’ll show you where you can follow them, how much they make, what projects they’re in and other useful stuff about them.

Your Friend Andy

Andy is one of the leading youtubers on the space with over 67k followers. He is based in Austin Texas.

Youtube channel:

Twitter handle:  @OhHaiAndy 

How much does he make:

  • He went from 0 to multi-millionaire in 8 years
  • He has multiple îcome streams, earning him around $30,000 per month
  • Over 6 months his Youtube channel made over $24,000
  • He makes more than $9,000 a year with Anchor Protocol

What projects he is in:

  • Andy buys lots of projects in the hope of finding Unicorns. That made him a millionaire.
  • Check out the list of projects he was invested in at time of writing:

Other useful stuff: 

  • Andy is the founder of the Sleep Money Club, a high flyer community of like minded passive income investors. Monthly cost is $60.


PreExponential is a heavily followed Twitter account with 12.5k followers. He’s a prime node investor sharing his strategies in detail, helping the communities and greatly contributing to the growth in the space.

Twitter handle: @PreExponential

How much does he makes:

  • he earns around $1,400 / day or $43k/month after having invested $170k

What projects he is in:

  • Here’s a list of the node projects he’s in. His top 3 projects are Strong, Thor and Fire.

Other useful stuff: 

  • PreExponential has written a fabulous guide called « Understanding Nodes », it is totally free and you can download it at the Discord he created to animate the community : @TheMotherNode (under # preexponential-guides)

James Pelton

James Pelton is a great Youtuber with over 33k followers. He’s got 19k on Twitter also. He’s an entrepreneur/investor that makes clear videos around the many different ways to make passive income.

Youtube channel:

Twitter handle: @JamesPelton18

How much does he make:

  • he made a video outlining his journey to making $10k per day, yes you read that well, per day :
  • At time if writing he was making $190k per month (feb-22)

What projects he is in:

  • here’s some screenshots from his video outlining his feb-22 earnings of over $190k
  • he’s making the bulk of his income from Drip and Strong, but he’s into many projects, probably around 40

Other useful stuff: 

  • he updates his channel several times per week with new upcoming projects, a great way to get in early on some of them

The Breadmaker

The Breadmaker is a crypto investor, an NFT holder and a promoter of passive income strategies.

He’s mainly active on Twitter where he totals around 30k followers. He’s also the author of a great newsletter (see below).

Twitter handle: @theBreadmakerr

How much does he make:

  • he earns more than $880 / day which is more than $24k per month

What projects he is in:

  • here’s a breakdown of the projects he’s invested in

Other useful stuff: 

  • He has published a Passive Income Tracker which is a spreadsheet automating your crypto portfolio tracking. It retails for $20.
  • He’s the author of « Let’s Get This Bread » newsletter around passive income strategies with crypto and Defi :
  • He also authored « The Low Risk DeFi Guide » , it’s free and will help you setup strategies to earn passive income with Stablecoins, and Liquidity Pools.

Kris McCauley

He’s a big Youtuber with over 75k subscribers. He shares his journey of creating multiple passive income streams. He also authors a website and a podcast (see below).

Youtube channel:

Twitter handle: @KrisMcCauley2

How much does he make:

What projects he is in:

  • We don’t know exactly what Node projects Kris is invested in, but among the ones he reviewed quite thoroughly we have : Hive, Cro coins, Drip, Animal Farm, Gala Games masternodes

Other useful stuff: 

  • he has a website teaching people how to create their online business, including some free mini classes and ebooks
  • Kris McCauley also animates the @Pawaraness_podcast to bring awareness to foster and rescue animals that need help

Node Baron

Node Baron is a passive income investor with a big following on Twitter (41k followers). He’s also into NFTs. The community hugely appreciates his insights, he’s also known for giving back a lot. He regularly hands out free laptops or free nodes to people in touch with him to get them started.

 He retired at 35 thanks to his investments in passive income. Node Baron is one of the lead promoters of #NodeLife.

Twitter handle: @NodeBaron

His journey into crypto was:

  1. Bought BTC
  2. Discovered XRP
  3. Filled large bags
  4. Bought 1.1m DOGE for $4k
  5. Sold all crypto
  6. Discovered Nodes
  7. Stacked $STRONG nodes
  8. Retired from 9 to 5 after 8 months
  9. Diversified other Passive Income
  10. Now helps others

What projects he is in:

  • his top 3 plays are $Fire, $Strong and $Sin
  • He became very wealthy with $STRONG, but his main goal for 2022 is to reach 200 $Fire nodes
  • His latest crypto picks were :
    • OG Play : $STRONG
    • 2022 Best Play : $FIRE
    • Best Low-cost Budget Friendly : $VPND (that’s Vapor Nodes)
    • Sleeper with room to grow : $CUBO
  • Here is a list of the projects he’s in : STRONG, FIRE, THOR, SIN, LVT, PXT2, VPND, UNIV, CUBO, OXY, ALPHA

Other useful stuff: 

  • Node Baron lives in Puerto Rico and regularly tweets cool pics of his #NodeLife over there. Kinda motivating


FireHustle has a nice Youtube channel sharing real time strategies, analysis and tools used to navigate the world of crypto and DeFi. The tone is very straightforward, with no bias, and they give regular updates on the projects which really helps in keeping up.

Youtube channel:

Twitter handle: @firehustle_net

Projects reviewed

  • The chanel reviews many projects in a nice and simple way
  • Latest reviews or updates include : Strongblock, Vapornodes, Redlight, Cronodes, Thor nodes, Hive nodes, Power nodes, 

Other useful stuff: 

  • There’s a Fire Hustle website with useful articles and a compilation of all videos. It’s also got some nice merch.


BaconEsq is an attorney and crypto enthusiast. He’s one of the leading Twitter accounts in the Crypto node space. He has around 23k followers and is growing.

Twitter handle: @baconesq

How much does he make:

  • BaconEsq doesn’t disclose that, but he said mid feb-22 that he had made 19 $STRONG nodes, so my assumption is that he’s now making well north of $8k / month from his nodes.

What projects he is in:

  • He is one of the main promoters of $STRONG
  • BaconEsq is also involved in $DAG, $GALA and $NOIA

Other useful stuff: 

  • His website just lists the projects he’s involved in.

Dan Passive Income

Dan has a very useful Youtube channel with over 10k subscribers where he reviews everything crypto and also microcaps. His tone is great, easy, non-pump and dump.

Dan goes very wide and reviews many projects, including some early and lesser known ones. Very useful when you need an early unbiased opinion on a project. For every project he reviews, checkout his proprietary risk score.

Youtube channel:

Twitter handle: @danotworld

Main projects reviewed:

  • Dan has a lot of videos. Among the projects he’s reviewed: Cronos nodes, MyDiamond Team, Safuu, Thor, Zeus nodes, Titano, Strongblock, Project X,Vapor nodes, Phoenix, Redlight nodes, Angel nodes, Power nodes, Drip, Clean Carbon.

TheCapitalist Investor

TheCapitalist Investor is a youtuber with 14k subs, promoting crypto strategies with straightforward educational content.

Youtube channel:

Twitter handle: @TheCapInvestor

What projects he is in:

  • Among the projects he has reviewed thoroughly : $STRONG, $THOR, $MEAD, Angel nodes, Phoenix Capital ($FIRE)
  • His two main holdings are Strong and Thor

Other useful stuff:

  • Watch his regular reviews of AMAs done by STRONG CEO David Moss, 


Dazai is a prominent Twitter account with close to 16k followers. You have to read his Guide on how to understand and survive in the node space, a precious twitter thread for anyone wanting to enter the space. It reveals what to look for and what to avoid.

Twitter handle: @DazaiCrypto

What projects he is in:

  • His portfolio is 100% nodes
  • Dazai’s golden 4 are $STRONG, $THOR, $COMB and $ATLAS

Other useful stuff: 

  • Dazai is the founder of the Decentralized Foundation (@defoxyz), promoting sustainability and philanthropy in the DeFi space.
  • Dazai gives back a lot, follow his account for regular giveaways
  • I like his article on How to Save Node Protocols, a useful roadmap to sustainability

Jesse Eckel

Jesse Eckel’s story is inspiring. Coming from a situation where he was both cash strapped and professionally challenged by the pandemic, he set himself on a journey to making $1 million from crypto. His Youtube channel tells the story, he has more than 150k people listening => the $1 to $1 million project.

Youtube channel:

Twitter handle: @Jesseeckel

How much does he make: 

  • Jesse now makes $50k per month and the figure keeps growing

What projects he is in:

  • He’s reviewed tens of projects that he actually invested in : Titano, Thor, Strongblocks, Anchor protocol, Yieldnodes, Defi Kingdoms

Other useful stuff: 

  • Jesse provides loads of useful advice apart from just coins or protocol investing. He dives into the psychology of investing, the ups and downs of his journey. This gives his channel such a personal feel it is really useful for all aspiring investors.

So here we are, I hope you can learn from these 12 best Node investors. I follow them daily and they keep guiding me everyday in my path to a full passive income.

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