May Passive Income at $1,126. A 43% Drop from April as Markets Melt

Yieldnodes Stays Strong, Nodes Crumble and Affiliate Revenue Shrinks

For a number of months now, I’ve set myself on a journey to generate $10k passive income per month on autopilot. 

My first report was issued in March, with a decent $3,337 monthly revenue. 

April revenue was already down 40% from March at $1,979 amid extremely tough market conditions. 

May wasn’t any better, standing at $1,126. That’s a further 43% down from April as markets kept dropping and node projects came to a near halt.

Fair to say I’m still far from the $10k target.

As a reminder, I am getting revenues from mainly 4 sources:

  • Masternodes:
  • Other Nodes: Strongblock, Thor nodes,…
  • Advertising: Adsense revenues
  • Affiliate revenues:,,

So, here’s a quick review of my May passive income, on full autopilot.

Yieldnodes : $1,043, the dominant earner

I had compounded my April rewards to keep building my masternoded balance. In May, Yieldnodes delivered 6.5%, a very decent return given the overall situation. I remain very bullish on the service long term.

Source: Yieldnodes

I have taken an in depth look at somes of Yieldnodes’ main projects in an article that takes a in depth look at Sapphire and Decenomy.

Yieldnodes became by far my biggest earner in May, as a lot of node coins saw massive drops, as we’ll see a little further down.

That made me a profit of 986€, which is equivalent to $1,043.

I was very happy with that and compounded that balance to build up my capital. From next month I should be withdrawing my earning and buying some more Bitcoin or some dividend stocks.

Node projects: $47, a massive drop

Most Node projects came crashing down:

  • Strongblock token ($STRNGR) went from $40 to $10, a 75% drop
  • Thor nodes ($THOR) went from $10 to $4, a 60% drop
  • ProjectX token ($PXT) went from $1.07 to $0.6, minus 44%
  • Vapor nodes ($VPND) from $0.007 to $0.0032, a 54% drop

Most coins lost around 50 to 75% of their value. Project teams are scrambling to remain alive as prices take the dive.

The business model of nodes is now entirely in question, as a lot of investors also choose not to pay the monthly node maintenance fees when they exceed rewards.

The coming weeks will be crucial, a lot of the nodes are going to become inactive, and failing significant developments it’s reasonable to assume most of the node projects are going to die slowly.

People will call it rug pulls or scams, in the end it was just an unsustainable model in a severe bear market. The mechanism by which tumbling token prices turn the projects into unprofitable ventures cannot be fought.

I doubt that even Strongblock with their Strongchain will pull it off. I think we have to expect a lot of dev teams to fall apart as members will need to find projects that can be sustainable.

Let’s keep an eye on nodes but I think the model hit a brick wall.

Affiliate revenues: $21

I am rebuilding my Amazon affiliate revenue currently. Clicks are there but not still not converting much so there wasn’t any revenue this month.

I didn’t convert any Koinly subs either, as tax season is now behind us. There’s a strong seasonal element to crypto tax software subscriptions.

My Tradingview revenues were much smaller than previous months at $9. Overall market activity probably weighed on charting platform adoption.

Reminder: I have a free  Tradingview step-by-step guide (including a free pdf), and I won’t even collect your email.

My NordVPN revenue was $12 in May with an initial first conversion. You have to start somewhere…

Finally, I didn’t convert any new Yieldnodes subscribers in May. 

Adsense revenues: $16

Advertising revenues from my website were $16, traffic remaining quite stable on 

That was achieved with an average of 60 to 80 visitors per day, with 2,210 page views and an RPM of €6.67 and a CPC of €1.68.

I’m still working on optimizing ad placement on the site so that it doesn’t affect too much reader experience.

I’m also launching a new website in June so I’ll start building an audience there. 


All in all, my passive income revenue for May was $1,126. Most of this income still came from Yieldnodes.

With the dramatic drop in node projects I have lost a significant share of recurring revenue. The project needs diversification. I’m working on it.

May Passive Income Table

Most of these rewards will now be taken to an account where I purchase additional Bitcoin. As explained in this article (100 reasons why Bitcoin will reach $1 million).

Despite the bloodbath,  remain a firm believer that Bitcoin is the Trade of the Decade. 

Note: this post contains affiliate links to services I recommend and have been personally using during the month of May

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