March Passive Income Revenue: $3,337 (My Journey to $10K/month)

For a number of months now, I’ve set myself on a journey to create $10k passive income per month, on autopilot. 

I will publish regular monthly income reports with two objectives:

  • To stay disciplined and focused
  • To take you with me through every step of my journey

Currently, I am getting revenues from 4 main sources:

  • Masternodes:
  • Other Nodes: Strongblock, Thor nodes, Alpha nodes, Project X, Star nodes, Vapor Nodes
  • Advertising: Adsense revenues
  • Affiliate revenues:,,

I could expand that in the future.

So, here’s a review of the passive income I generated in March. It was fully automatic.

Yieldnodes : $1,012

I had compounded my previous month’s rewards, and channeled a few coin rewards to Yield Nodes (INSERT LINK) so my masternoded balance was 13,089 euros.

The interest on Yieldnodes for March was 7.4%, slightly lower than previous months, due to difficult market conditions.

That made me a profit of : 920.28 euros, which at a 1.1 EUR/USD Exchange rate is $1,012.

Strongblock: $1,272

In March, my 4 Strongblock nodes (3 Ethereum, 1 Polygon) generated between 0.092 and 0.1 Strong tokens per day.

That’s approximately 11.5 Strong tokens over the whole month. At a closing price of around $122 per token, that’s $1,403

Take away the fees :

  • $14.95 per node as a maintenance fee => $59,8 for 4 nodes
  • Gas fees of approximately $60 to claim and transfer rewards

Total net reward from Strongnodes in March: $1,272

Not too bad, but the price of Strong is dropping fast, so let’s keep an eye on the effect of Strongchain launch.

Next month Strongblock are launching their new Strongchain, along with the Stronger token. I’m looking forward to the reduced gas fees, the current ETH fees are making a serious dent in profits every month.

Thor nodes: $608

I own 6 nodes at Thor Financial:

  • 2 Heimdall
  • 1 Freya
  • 1 Thor
  • 1 Odin

Collectively, they bring in 1.366 Thor tokens per day, so that was an overall 42.3 Thor tokens in March. At a closing price of $17.7 Thor per token, that’s $750 gross revenue.

Minus the maintenance fees ($142), the net revenue has been $608.

Total net reward from Thor in March : $608

Star nodes: $137

Star nodes had a difficult month in March. The Developer disappeared for a few days and everyone thought that was a rug pull. He eventually came back, and took control of things.

But the price of Star token fell heavily. 

I own 24 Star nodes. For part of the month, they each yielded a whopping 0.66 Star token per day, which was totally unsustainable.

The Dev took it down to a much more reasonable 0.188 per node per day. 

So with 24 nodes that’s : 24 nodes x 31 days x 0.188 per node per day x $0,98 closing price = $137 monthly revenue.

I’m not counting the very small Avax transaction fees paid to claim, swap and transfer my rewards. 

Total net reward from Star nodes in March : $137 

Vapor nodes: $56

My Vapornodes balance is 9,771 VPND, that’s a daily reward of $1.80.

So for March, total VPND revenue was : $56 

Project X: $151

I own 4 Project X nodes, yielding 0.17 PXT2 tokens per day per node. That’s 21 PXT2 tokens for March.

At a closing price of $7.17 per PXT2 token, that’s $151.

Amazon affiliate revenue: $1.78

Since I had less time to write recently, being extremely busy, my website’s traffic went down quite a bit. 

You can see when things started coming down last year. Up to May, I had small but decent recurring revenue from

My 2021 Amazon affiliate revenues
Amazon 2021 affiliate revenue

In March, things remained quite slow, although slightly picking up. Let’s see if the trend follows in the coming months.

My 2022 Amazon affiliate results
2022 Amazon affiliate revenue affiliate revenue : $84

Koinly is a great Crypto Tax software service, I use it to calculate all my taxes.

I promote this service that I know and appreciate.

In March, I had 2 conversions, with a 20% commission the revenue was $83,7.

Tradingview affiliate revenue: $22

I have written in-depth reviews on Tradingview and use the website everyday. You can find the free Tradingview PDF here.

My affiliate revenue from was $22.42, a number quite significantly lower than previous months due to lower traffic on my website.

Adsense revenues: $34

Advertising revenues from my website were $33.91 as things picked up after a long inactivity period.


All in all, my passive income revenue for Marc was a very decent $3,377.

Most of this income came from two sources, Yieldnodes and Strongblock. Going forward I will be investing or reinvesting in these two projects as they are the main growth pillars.

Most of these rewards are taken to an account where I purchase additional Bitcoin. As explained in this article (100 reasons why Bitcoin will reach $1 million), I am a firm believer that Bitcoin is the Trade of the Decade.

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Note: this post contains affiliate links to services I recommend and have been personally using during the month of March

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