April Revenue: $1,979 Passive Income, down 40% as Yieldnodes leads the Way

Note: this post contains affiliate links to services I recommend and have been personally using during the month of April

For a number of months now, I’ve set myself on a journey to generate $10k passive income per month on autopilot. 

My first report was issued in March, with a decent $3,337 monthly revenue. 

April revenue was down 40% to $1,979 amid extremely tough market conditions. And that’s not considering the bloodbath in May…. (more on that shortly).

So fair to say I’m still far from the $10k target.

Now let’s get an update for April. Market conditions were pretty bad and hit my monthly income significantly, especially on nodes. 

As a reminder, I am getting revenues from mainly 4 sources:

  • Masternodes: Yieldnodes.com
  • Other Nodes: Strongblock, Thor nodes,…
  • Advertising: Adsense revenues
  • Affiliate revenues: Tradingview.com, Koinly.com, Amazon.com

One of my main focuses is to keep expanding that, to get more diversified and less dependent on one main income source.

So, here’s a review of my April passive income, on full autopilot.

Yieldnodes: $1,174, still the lead earner

I had compounded my march rewards on Yieldnodes to keep building my masternoded balance. 

Yieldnodes has been delivering a stellar record for several years now and I really believe in the service long term.

You can read my full review on How Safe and Sustainable is Yieldnodes.

The interest on Yieldnodes.com for April was an excellent 8.3%, up 0.9 pts versus March’s  7.4%. Market conditions weren’t all that great but the team at Yieldnodes did a fantastic job.

There’s a very interesting interview of Yieldnodes CEO made by Joseph Giove, and another review by James Pelton

Yieldnodes became by far my biggest earner in April, as a lot of node coins saw massive drops, as we’ll see a little further down.

That made me a profit of 1,086€, which is equivalent to $1,174.

I was very happy with that.

Strongblock: $324, a massive drop amid the launch of Stronger

In April, my 4 Strongblock nodes (3 Ethereum, 1 Polygon) generated between 0.092 and 0.1 Strong tokens per day, that’s roughly 11 Strong tokens over the month.

However, as crypto markets came tumbling down amid multiple concerns (inflation, rate hikes, slowing growth, war in Ukraine, China lockdowns,…) the price of $Strong took a severe beating, losing 66% of its value, going from $116 early April to $39 end of month.

Source: Coinmarketcap

In an attempt to increase the project’s sustainability and give it a clear roadmap, a number of radical changes were announced in April:

  • the launch of a dedicated StrongChain was announced, making it Strongblock’s leading strategic objective 
  • the STRONG token was replaced by STRNGR (Stronger) on April 5th, on a 1:1 basis. All rewards are now paid using this new token
  • a clear roadmap of new services was laid out

At a closing price of $39 per STRNGR coin, gross revenue for April stood at $448, to which the usual fees were deducted:

  • $14.95 per node as a maintenance fee => $59,8
  • Gas fees of approximately $64

Total net reward from Strongnodes in April: $324.

Note: STRNGR price kept tumbling in May ($20.4 at time of writing….), so I’ll be watching that before I claim rewards at the end of the month. The math is simple: with a $15 maintenance fee per node, plus Gas fees on claiming, there’s around a $20-22 price tag under which Strongblock is no longer a profitable venture.

Thor nodes: $239

As a reminder, I own 6 nodes at Thor Financial:  2 Heimdall, 1 Freya, 2 Thor, 1 Odin.

Collectively, these nodes bring in 1.366 Thor tokens per day, so that’s a total of 40.98 Thor tokens in April.

At a closing price of $9.82 Thor per token at the end of April, that’s $403 gross revenue. Like most other node tokens, the Thor token had a massive 45% drop in April, putting in question the overall sustainability of the project.

The following maintenance fees (payable in Avax) and claim taxes (%) should be deducted from the Gross revenue:

  • Heimdall: $5 per node (1%)
  • Freya: $10 (5%)
  • Thor: $20 (8%)
  • Odin: $80 (10%)

That’s a total of $140 maintenance fees for my nodes and an average claim tax of 5.5%.

Total net reward from Thor in March : $241 => ($403 * 0,945) -$140

Note that Thor nodes have started implementing a new Claim Tax structure as below :

Source: Thor Financial

That means I have to be extra careful to claim only after 28 days have elapsed since the previous claim.

Star nodes: $0, a project in emergency care

Star nodes Dev could no longer sustain the project and the token price plummeted in April.

This follows a period when the Dev disappeared for a few days in a row. I guess that’s the risk of node projects that are just a one-man show.

So no rewards could be taken out.

A team within the community is trying the revive the project. They issued a survey to assess things and will try to take things forward. But at that point, there’s no guarantee. We’ll stay updated.

Vapor nodes: $8

My Vapornodes daily reward was €0,27 in April so the total VPND revenue was : $8.

Nothing to get really excited about. I just decided to compound VPND regards.

Project X: $21

I own 4 Project X nodes, yielding 0.17 PXT2 tokens per day per node. That’s 20 PXT2 tokens for April.

At a closing price of $1,04 per PXT2 token, that’s $21.

Amazon affiliate revenue: $0

I am rebuilding my Amazon affiliate revenue currently. Clicks are there but not converting.

Koinly.com affiliate revenue : $36

Koinly is a great software that simplifies all my  crypto tax calculations.

Conversions in April provided $36 of affiliate commission, net of a 20% commission.

Tradingview affiliate revenue: $74

Tradingview is by far the most powerful charting tool out there. It includes broker integrations, social trading, screeners, …. all in a fantastic HTML5 interface.

I have a full Tradingview step-by-step guide (including a free pdf).

My affiliate revenue from Tradingview.com was $74 in April. The number picked up quite well, I was happy with that.

Yieldnodes affiliate revenue : $84

I’m such a fan of yieldnodes. They have this amazing track record of providing 8 to 10% monthly yield on mainly masternoding.

Check their track record of monthly returns since 2019.

If you’re interested, I’ve an in-depth article on How safe and sustainable is Yieldnodes.

My revenue was $77.68 in April, which converts to roughly $84 in USD.

Adsense revenues: $18.06

Advertising revenues from my website were $18, traffic slowly picking up on the tradingtools.net. 

That was achieved with an average of 60 to 80 visitors per day, just below 2,000 page views and an RPM of around $9.23 and a CPC of $0.44.

I’ll be working on optimizing ad placement on the site because I still find some of these ads quite intrusive while you’re trying to read content.


All in all, my passive income revenue for April was $1,979. Most of this income came from Yieldnodes, which is proving the most reliable source, especially when markets are rough.

Most of these rewards are taken to an account where I purchase additional Bitcoin. As explained in this article (100 reasons why Bitcoin will reach $1 million).

Despite the bloodbath,  remain a firm believer that Bitcoin is the Trade of the Decade.

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